Sectional garage doors are built from large panel sections that are connected by hinges. As the door is opened or closed, the sections roll along a floor-to-ceiling track.

To open, sectional garage doors are lifted both up and over, and rest parallel to the floor.  A wide variety of material and style choices are available to suit any application; including different materials, textures and colors, and the ability customize hardware or add window inserts.

Insulated doors are also a common option.Sectional garage doors have a lower upfront cost than some other options, for example, roll-up doors; but they will also require more frequent maintenance if they experience heavy use, as might be the case in a commercial environment.  As such, sectional garage doors are a great choice for applications that require lighter use, such as in a single-family home. 

When properly used and maintained, sectional garage doors can last for several years . Also, due to the multi-panel design, repair costs can be minimized if any damage they encounter is limited to one or a few panels, rather than affecting the entire door. The footprint required to install a sectional garage door is fairly large – they do not coil or fold when open, so the same area as the opening is also needed near the ceiling in order to accommodate the parallel track and door when it is in the open condition. 

Special considerations also need to be made in order to properly align the track, springs, and drive system.In addition to various material and appearance choices, there are also several choices for operation of sectional garage doors.  Most commonly, they are powered by a motor, and either a chain/belt drive system, or a smoother and faster screw drive. 

Some installations are manually operated – and all sectional doors include a manual override option which preserves the ability to operate the door in the event of a power outage.  Many modern drive systems are beginning to include Wi-Fi options as well, so that they can be operated remotely by a smartphone. An affordable and attractive option, sectional garage doors are a top choice when deciding on an overhead door for your residence or commercial building. 

Although most commonly used in residential applications, they can also be an ideal choice for certain commercial applications as well.

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