Commercial Garage Doors

commercial garage doors

For commercial properties, garage doors are often a great choice for providing reliable protection from adverse weather conditions as well as unauthorized entry to your facility, and choosing the right door for your application is important.  Whether your priority is regulating temperature, security or just installing a reliable new door, there are a variety of options to consider when choosing a garage door for your commercial space.
Commercial garage doors are available in many different styles.  Among the most common available styles of commercial garage doors are sectional and roll-up doors.  Sectional doors are constructed from a series of panels that are connected by hinges and roll along a track as they are opened and closed.  Roll-up doors are built using connected strips of metal that roll into a compact coil when open.  While roll-up doors offer a smaller size envelope and less frequent maintenance, sectional doors can be a better choice in terms of upfront cost for lighter use applications.  

In addition to the basic operating principle, there are other style considerations to choose from.  Full-view doors are more stylish, and may be a better choice for a retail establishment or restaurant, rugged and durable industrial grade doors are more common for automotive service centers, and today’s energy-efficient doors offer a good solution for climate controlled warehouses.  There are a variety of different materials and colors to choose from, and fire and smoke rated doors are an option as well, offering additional peace of mind for your employees and inventory.  Specialty doors are also available to suit almost any custom application.  Make sure to consult custom installation specialists to discuss your unique requirements and help choose the best door for your application.

When shopping for commercial overhead doors, it is important to consider the environment in which the door will be used, how frequently it will be operated, and what kind of traffic it is likely to accommodate.  This information will help determine the most suitable type of door to install.  It is also important to consider the size requirements and how the door will be operated to provide the best access to your space, and while most commercial doors are designed to accommodate standard-size vehicles, special considerations and sizing options need to be evaluated to provide access for larger trucks and equipment.  

commercial garage doorsMaintenance requirements are another important consideration when installing commercial garage doors.  Keeping your garage doors operational means keeping your business running.  Make sure to understand preventive maintenance recommendations for any doors that you are considering, as well as a spare parts program to limit the potential for down time associated with an out-of-service door.  Partnering with a qualified garage door service center can also benefit your maintenance program, ensuring that you have access to experienced labor and parts when you need them.  

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