Garage Door Repair in San Antonio

Even the most reliable products can encounter problems, or even fail completely; garage doors and garage door openers are no exception.  When a garage door does have an issue, it is essential that it is repaired on budget and on time; and equally as important that it is repaired properly, by a qualified professional if needed. Some common issues with garage doors that apply to both commercial and residential installations are detailed below. 

Remote/transmitter battery failure: Although it may sound obvious, it happens every day. A good first step is to replace the batteries in the remote and make sure that it is working properly. Taking this simple step may be able to prevent further down time, or an unnecessary and costly repair. Photo Eye Misalignment: Another very common issue that may cause a garage door to fail is poor alignment or obstruction of the photo eye sensors (garage doors openers newer than 1993). These sensors are installed to prevent the door from closing if a person or object is detected in its path. If the garage door opens normally, but either does not even try to close, or starts to close and then re-opens; there may be something either partially or completely obstructing the beam from the photo eyes, or they may be out of alignment. Broken Springs or Cables: The two issues above are usually inexpensive, easy, and safe to fix without much help. 

If after checking these, the door still has an issue, look above the door and check that the springs and cables are intact.  Because it is a physically demanding job with the potential for serious injury; if the springs or cables are broken, they should be replaced by a professional.  If one spring is broken, replacing both is recommended. A broken spring may put high stress on the cables, cables need to be inspected even if they are not noticeably broken.Bent or Broken Track: If the track that guides the door is bent or broken, the door may not operate properly, or may not move at all.  Damaged garage door track should be inspected and repaired by a professional. 

Failed Garage Door Opener: Of course, the opener itself can fail for a number of reasons.  Common examples include wiring, mechanical parts, and the motor itself. Some replacement parts are available that may be an easier, less expensive alternative to replacing the entire opener in some cases. While they include instructions and can be installed by anyone willing to give it a try, it can save a lot of time and trouble to hire a professional when replacing a garage door opener.Needless to say, there are several other things that can go wrong with a garage door in addition to those listed, they are just some of the most common. Annual inspection and preventive maintenance can go a long way toward preserving the condition and reliable operation of any garage door.

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